Need a customs valuation for your car? You’ve come to the right place.

Traditionally, vehicle importers have had to wait until their car has arrived in Australia for a valuer to travel to physically inspect their vehicle, which can often result in clearance delays and expensive storage charges. By moving the valuation process online, AutoValuation enables importers to apply for a valuation at any time – even before the vehicle lands in Australia – taking the guesswork out of calculating the cost of importing their vehicles.

For logistics providers and customs brokers, you can either direct your clients to our website so they can arrange their own independent valuation, or if you’d rather send us the valuation requests yourself, we can bill your company monthly and provide you with your own login access to all current and previous valuations.

We’re fast.

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for days on end for a valuer to make the trek to the port to value a vehicle, especially if you are the one who must then explain to a customer why they’ve accrued storage charges. If you provide us with all the necessary details needed for us to complete the valuation, we will send you your valuation in under 48 hours or it’s free*.

We’re good value for money.

No more having to adjust the costs of valuations based on where the vehicle is located! We charge a flat fee of $330 (inc GST) for one-off valuations irrespective of where the vehicle is landing, or less for high volume and/or corporate clients. And if we don’t think our valuation will save you more than it costs, we will let you know before we start.

So what have you got to lose? Click below to request your valuation!

*The clock only starts ticking once you’ve given us all the documents and information we need to appraise your vehicle.